Sally to impact SE LA as potential category 2; tracks shifts west

The storm is now forecast to be a Cat 2 - 100 mph hurricane at landfall.

Sally to impact SE LA as potential category 2; tracks shifts west
Sally Sunday Sept. 13, 10 AM (Source: WVUE)

NEW ORLEANS, La. (WVUE) - A hurricane impact is becoming increasingly more likely for Southeast Louisiana and South Mississippi by early next week as Sally is on a trajectory to make landfall Monday night into Tuesday.

All residents today are urged to get your preparations in order for a hurricane impact on our area. We have about a 24 hour window where the weather will be relatively okay to put your plans into action. Do expect some passing downpours throughout the day today but they should be fast moving and not all that widespread which will help in your preparations.

The latest forecast from the National Hurricane Center indicates a 100 mph Category 2 will make landfall in Barataria Bay and Plaquemines Parish just after midnight Monday night. The storm will then slowly cross the heart of Southeast Louisiana leading to widespread impacts for the area. It won’t be until Wednesday before the storm clears our region and the weather will improve.

Considering this will be a strengthening storm at landfall along with a slow mover, long duration rain/wind/surge impacts can be expected. Stay tuned to the forecast throughout the day today for any further updates. Download the FOX 8 Weather App for live weather updates from all of the meteorologists here at FOX 8.

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