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  Woman from viral Waffle House arrest sues restaurant

Clemons filed a lawsuit Wednesday that alleges Waffle House violated her civil rights and supported discrimination.

  Popeyes stabbing suspect arrested

The suspect accused of fatally stabbing a man who was cutting in line for Popeyes chicken sandwiches in Maryland has been arrested.

  Ford's new Mustang is an electric SUV

The Ford Mustang Mach-E makes its debut Sunday night. It's a fully electric crossover SUV.

  Ford's new Mustang is an electric SUV

The Ford Mustang Mach-E makes its debut Sunday night. It's a fully electric crossover SUV.

  Bossier sheriff discusses preparations for President Trump's visit

President Donald Trump will be the first sitting president to visit Bossier Parish since 9/11, Bossier Sheriff Julian Whittington notes

  Disney+ hits 10 million subscribers, adds warning

Disney+ hits 10 million subscribers; warns subscribers some of its older content has "outdated cultural depictions."

  How bacteria become antibiotic-reistant

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated about 36,000 Americans died from drug-resistant infections in 2017.

  School workers charged in death of autistic child

Three school employees charged with manslaughter after a 13-year-old autistic student dies from being restrained.

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  Snow covers Gatlinburg SkyBridge in Tennessee

Because of the snowy and icy conditions, SkyLift Park says the bridge will remain closed until it’s safe for folks to walk on it again.

  Spending Smarter: Holiday gift ideas for less than $25

  Alabama school drum major marches his way to success

Alabama high school drum major is marching his way to success after his viral Instagram video.

  Atlanta Police news conference on death of Alexis Crawford

Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields said the body of Alexis Crawford was found in a DeKalb County park in metro Atlanta.

  Single mother awarded $101 million by jury for baby's brain damage

Before the verdict this week, both sides agreed to cap an award at $50 million if the verdict exceeded $50 million.

  There are 2 new Oreo flavors coming next year

OREO Chocolate Marshmallow & Caramel Coconut cookies are coming in January 2020!

  Swastikas found painted on turtle shells

Police have been getting an earful from upset callers, asking for something to be done about the swastikas.

  2 former Twitter employees accused of spying

Two former Twitter employees are accused of spying for Saudi Arabia.

  Teen 'Jeopardy!' champion Avi Gupta donates $10,000 to honor Alex Trebek.

His contribution comes during Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month.

  Man sees albino deer in northern Wisconsin (Source: D&D Mortenson Realty)

While driving in northern Wisconsin, Dan Mortenson saw an albino buck in the middle of the woods. (Source: D&D Mortenson Realty)

  Black customers say host at Buffalo Wild Wings told them to move

Buffalo Wild Wings spokeswoman Claire Kudlata said Sunday the company conducted a thorough internal investigation and "terminated the employees involved."

  New holiday flavors are available from Coke

It’s the first time the soft-drink giant has offered a special holiday flavor of Coke in the United States.

  Sherman, Texas, football player prays with opponent

A picture of Texas football player is warming hearts on the internet after he prayed with his opponent, whose mother was diagnosed with cancer.

  Missing boulder returned to Prescott National Forest

It's back! Someone returned the landmark 1-ton boulder that went missing in Arizona.

  Mother’s makes last request as son is set to be executed

  Pregnant Florida woman kills intruder with AR-15

When two masked men broke into Jeremy King’s home and started pistol-whipping him, they didn’t know what they were in for. (Source: Hillsborough County Sheriff)

  Vaping not 'gateway' to teen smoking, according to study

The study found teens who experiment with vaping are more likely to try cigarettes but vaping first does not increase their odds of becoming smokers.

  Apple TV Plus is here

The company is reportedly spending $6 billion on content to get you to sign up for the $4.99 a month service.

  Bears enjoy pumpkins for Halloween

Bears at Brookfield Zoo dig into treat-filled pumpkins.