How to stay safe from shark attacks this shark week

The Shreveport Aquarium is hosting shark week on Sunday, August 9 through Sunday, August 16

KSLA Shark Week: safety tips

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - It is rare to be attacked by a shark while visiting the beach, but taking all precautions and paying attention to signage near the beach is critical. In the United States, on average, there are more than a dozen shark attacks each year.

Destiny Garcia, assistant manager with the Shreveport Aquarium, says shark attacks typically happen in temperate waters.

“They don’t hang out where we vacation, so if you’re in Cancun or Florida, that’s not where the great whites are, they like to be around colder water,” said Garcia.

Garcia recommends avoiding fast movements because humans can be mistaken for a shark’s prey.

”Shark injuries that you do hear about, it’s often because they mistake people for prey, so you hear about people in dark-colored wet-suits that from below might look like a sea lion, which is a shark’s favorite food, so typically if you’re near the shore and obeying beach safety regulations you’re going to be just fine,” says Garcia.

According to the American Red Cross, avoid excessive splashing and stay in a group when you’re near the water.

“Obeying signs around water and shorelines is always a great way to stay safe, there are lots of organizations that exist to keep people safe around water, make sure you are listening to lifeguards, that’s the number one way to stay safe,” said Garcia.

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