Nonprofit helps homeless young adults get back on their feet

Faith and Fostering seeks to ensure people have all they need to succeed beyond the age of 24

Faith and Fostering

BOSSIER CITY, La. (KSLA) — Faith and Fostering was able to provide an apartment home to a young adult Saturday.

The nonprofit based in Shreveport-Bossier City seeks to connect and change the lives of young adults through love, fostering and faith. It does so through its partnership with its founding sponsor, The Fortis Company.

They intend to donate an apartment to a homeless young adult every other month.

Faith and Fostering serves homeless men and women ages 18-24 and provides free counseling and mentoring services.

It serves as the support system that will ensure homeless young adults get back on their feet with a solid foundation of family, learning, love and training in basic life skills, said Barbara Lewis, the nonprofit’s executive director.

”We are that bridge and help them. Just like most young adults have parents that are going to help navigate through some of those huge hurdles, we want to be that support for that family and those young adults that don’t have it.”

Christi Robinson, a co-founder of Faith and Fostering, said they are committed to ensuring each young man and woman is equipped with all they need to succeed beyond the age of 24.

“We also provide a plan to help them transition successfully into independence, helping them with meaningful employment, helping them with volunteers to meet goals and identify goals in there personal life.,

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