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Landers Athlete of the Week: Sydney Loux- March 9


As the youngest of 5 girls, there's never a dull moment in the life of Elm Grove Middle School 6th grader Sydney Loux.

This young lady maintains a near perfect GPA and has earned one particular honor you may not think a 12-year-old would have accomplished.   


"Everybody is like don't mess with Syndey, she's a black belt," said Sydney.

Syndey, a first degree black belt, has been doing karate since she was 5-years-old.

"When I first started I was determined to go through all the belts and not skip any because some people do. Just go full out."

Heidi Chapman, Sydney
s instructor said, "She told us straight up that she was going to get her belt back and this was at 8-years-old and when she got to be, I think 12, she got it."

But, karate is just a piece of pie that includes soccer, softball, track, cheerleading and basketball.

Evelyn Loux, Sydney
s mother, said, "She's just a joy at everything. She does it all and she takes it all in stride. He grades are on point."

Almost three years ago when life seemed to be going as good as it's been, a dark cloud dumped a shower of tragedy on Sydney
s family.  

Sydney said, "She want to Parkway and people there didn
t appreciate her as much as her family did and so they bullied her and so she decided to take her life on May 26, which is the day before my birthday."

On May 26 2013, Sydney's sister, Kaitlin Simone Loux committed suicide at their home. She was 17-years-old.

Sydney said, "At first I didn't think they were telling the truth. There was all kinds of confusion. I started to ball out crying, I didn
t know how to take it because I didnt think it was true. I thought she was still there."

Evelyn added, "It's like she didn
t accept it for 5 or 6 months and one day she just let loose and realized that Kaitlin wasn't coming back."

Kaitlin was one 4 Bossier Parish teens, in a two year span, to commit suicide because of bullying.

Sydney added, "They should know not to do it and if they ever see it, stop it and it's just wrong because you don't know that those people are growing through. Kaitlin had a pretty wonderful life but she still got bullied really bad."

Karate helped Sydney cope with the death of her sister.

Evelyn said, "Whenever you have something there's going to be a fight, whether it's internal or external and Karate definitely equipped her with the tools to get through it."

Chapman added, "She learned how to meditate. She learned how to breathe, she learned how to take it one step at a time. It was probably the best thing that helped."

And, Sydney knows her sister's spirit is never far away.

"I think she'd probably say, God job. She means the world to me."

The Loux's have created a Facebook page in Katlin's memory and to provide awareness on the effects of bullying. For more information click here,

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