First Alert! Extremely active hurricane season forecast by NOAA

The number of named storms and hurricanes has been increased from the forecast in May

Scattered showers as kids begin to start school

Perfect weather ends as the heat and humidity return

Tolerable Tuesday followed by warming trend

Heat slowly builds back up this week

Heat and humidity slowly rise this week

Strong Storms Possible Friday

Continued Coverage

First Alert! A few severe storms possible Friday

Front arrives Friday afternoon

Tracking a cold front at week’s end

Summer heat combined with scattered showers this week

Tropical Storm Hanna sends some rain our way

Tracking showers and storms from Hanna

Scattered storms return for a few days

Showers and storms will be back as we end this week and start the weekend. The rain will be a result from some tropical activity in the gulf

Tracking more sunshine Thursday as well as the tropics

We could see Tropical Storm Hanna by the end of the week.

First Alert: Tropical Depression 8 forms in the Gulf

Scattered showers and storms will be around for the next couple days and this weekend. The tropics are also heating up with possibly two named storms by this weekend

Tropical Storm Gonzalo forms and makes history

The 2020 Hurricane Season continues to make history.

Wet weather Wednesday and watching the tropics

Rain becomes more likely for the rest of the week

Shower chances increase Tuesday

Some rain is on the return this week

Isolated showers to go along with heat

Heat becomes more tolerable this weekend

Slightly less humid Friday

Yet another toasty day for the ArkLaTex.

More heat this weekend, but not as unbearable

The temperatures will remain very hot for the next several days. The humidity though will be a little lower this weekend. That should present great summer weather.

Heat wave continues for ArkLaTex

Sticky weather sticks around.

Heat continues through the weekend

Temperatures will remain very hot with high humidity through the weekend. There will not be much day to day change for the foreseeable future

Another day of Heat Advisories for the ArkLaTex

Yet another day of scorching weather for the ArkLaTex.

More heat, but little relief is on its way

The high temperature will continue all week, but the humidity will ever so slightly drop by the weekend. There could also be a few small brief showers to help too

Comet NEOWISE visible in the evening sky over the ArkLaTex

Look for it an hour or 2 after sunset in the northwest sky

Another day, another Excessive Heat Warning

Intense heat again Tuesday.

More hot & dry weather this week

Overall, the weather will not be improving this week. It will remain hot and dry all week long. Temperatures will be in the mid to upper 90s with low rain chances

Hot and dry week ahead for ArkLaTex

Another day of dangerous heat for the region.

’Feels-like’ temperature. What it is and why its important for the ArkLaTex

Get breakdown on the Heat Index and why knowing it is so important!

Unrelenting heat this weekend for the ArkLaTex

Intense heat over the next week for the ArkLaTex.

Intense heat continues through the weekend

Temperatures will be soaring over the next several days. It will be heating up to the upper 90s with a lot of humidity. Therefore, it will feel like the triple digits in the afternoon

Dangerous heat on the way for ArkLaTex

Intense heat and humidity on the way for the region

Drying off and heating up in the days ahead

One last day of shower chances followed by intense heat.

Rain & storms followed by intense heat

You're going to need the umbrellas again on your Tuesday.

Wet start to week for ArkLaTex

Tracking a very wet start to the week for some in the ArkLaTex.

Storms expected over July 4th weekend

Showers and storms return this weekend. There will be heavy rain at times. This will help cool the temperature down some, though

Rain chances return to cool temperatures down

Rain chances are going up a for a few days. This will help provide some much wanted relief to the heat. It will still be hot, but not as hot

Heat Advisories followed by wet weather

Make sure you are drinking plenty of water Thursday.

More high heat on Thursday

The heat will again be high on Thursday. The rain will be arriving starting Friday which will help cool temperatures back down by this weekend

Showers and storms possible for Independence Day

Get ready for the hottest day of 2020 so far

More heat this week then rain this weekend

Temperatures will be very hot this week with the humidity. It could become dangerous with such high heat indices. Rain will return this weekend

First Alert: Heat Advisory issued for the ArkLaTex

'Feels-like' temperatures will reach between 105 and 110 through Thursday

Intense heat and humidity the next few days

Get ready for another scorcher across the region.

High heat & humidity with low rain chances this week

The heat and humidity will be very high over the next several days. Meanwhile, the rain chances will be lower early this week

Intense heat and humidity for ArkLaTex

Intense heat expected this week

Very solid weekend with limited rain chances next week

This weekend will be rather nice. A couple showers and storms are possible, but will be far and few between. The rain chances remain low through next week

Showers and storms again as we wrap up week

Wet weather again for the ArkLaTex Friday.

Wet weather continues Friday and this weekend

The wet weather will continue for the next couple days. Friday and Saturday will have a good chance for some rain. Even by Sunday, there may be a brief shower

Why Saharan Dust shuts down the Tropics

Saharan Dust will shut the tropics down for the time being.

More unsettled weather Thursday

More rain and storms are possible Thursday.

Isolated showers and Saharan dust expected next few days

There will be a few small showers over the next few days, but it will be limited. The Saharan dust will also be around through the weekend

First Alert: Saharan dust arrives in the ArkLaTex Friday

A brownish haze in the sky settles in as we head into the weekend

More scattered showers and storms Wednesday

More showers and storms on the way Wednesday.

Rain and heat sticks around through the week

Rain and storms will continue through the rest of the week. The heat will also get back to the 90s by this weekend. The Saharan dust will also arrive by Friday

More scattered showers and storms Tuesday

Unsettled weather continues for ArkLaTex.

Rain likely with strong storms at times this week

Showers and storms are likely this week. Some storms will be strong to severe at times. All of the rain will be scattered over the next several days

Severe weather chances kick off unsettled week

We are tracking a stormy week for the ArkLaTex.

Wet weather ahead for region next week

A very unsettled week is ahead for the ArkLaTex.

Saharan dust may impact the ArkLaTex next week

Saharan dust will be making its way to the ArkLaTex by next week. This could cause some irritation with those with breathing or asthma issues

Temperatures heat up heading into Father’s Day weekend

Tracking the potential for showers on your Father's Day/

Dry and hot weather expected rest of week

Tracking warming temperatures over the next few days.

Isolated showers and sunshine for Wednesdayday

Tracking another day of scattered showers across the ArkLaTex.

Another hot work week with isolated rain and storm chances

Tracking rising temperatures this week across the region.

Hot and Sunny weekend for ArkLaTex

Tracking more sunny and hot weather for the ArkLaTex.

Impressive streak of sunny weather ahead for ArkLaTex

Hot pattern dominates the region.

Beautiful and much more comfortable Wednesday

Tracking much more comfortable conditions across the ArkLaTex.

Scorching Tuesday followed by cold front

Scorching Tuesday followed by a more comfortable Wednesday.

Rain moves out tonight, heat moves in tomorrow

Expecting rain from Cristobal throughout the day.

Tropical Depression Cristobal makes its impact today

Tropical depression Cristobal made landfall yesterday, and will now make its impact to the ArkLaTex today. There will be some heavy rain and gusty winds at times. The good news is there should not be any severe weather involved

Tropical Storm Cristobal officially makes landfall in Louisiana.

Latest updates for Tropical Storm Cristobal

Cristobal expected to make landfall Sunday evening in Louisiana

Heavy rain and gusty winds are expected Monday as Cristobal moves through the ArkLaTex

Tracking Cristobal as it remerges in Gulf today

Expecting Cristobal to move back into the Gulf of Mexico later today.

Tropical Storm Cristobal arrives along the Gulf Coast by the end of the weekend

Impacts remain possible in the ArkLaTex with heavy rain being the most likely threat

Update: Cristobal downgraded to Depression

Tracking potential impacts from Cristobal on the ArkLaTex.

Tracking Tropical Storm Cristobal’s possible impacts on the ArkLaTex

The latest look at tracks and impacts from Tropical Storm Cristobal.

Watching warming temperatures and Cristobal

Tracking hot temperatures and possible tropical impacts.