Shreveport Police Believe They Have Gun in Triple Shooting

Shreveport police have recovered a handgun they believe was used to kill two people and wound one other last weekend.

Homice Detective Rod Demery told KSLA News 12 he found the weapon near an abandoned home on Sprague Street where the shootings are believed to have taken place last Saturday.

"It's actually pretty consistent to where the murders happened.  It fits very well," Demery said.

Police found the bodies of Christopher Hayslette, 23, and Kendra Hill, 28, in a car parked at the corner of Sycamore and Anna.  Troy Crayton, 23, was also in the vehicle, suffering from gunshot wounds but still alive.  He's recovering at LSU hospital.

Demery said someone drove the car, with the victims still inside, to that location and left it.  He said information detectives gathered from witnesses later led them to name Eric McCall, 24, as a suspect.

Police believe McCall had been driving around with the victims, looking for drugs.  They believe he tried to rob them and shot them in the process.

Armed with a warrant, detectives arrested McCall Monday afternoon.  Through further investigation, Demery said, they were able to find the gun.

"There was a witness that came forward and told us the exact path and where they saw the (shooter) hesitate," he said.  "With that information, we determined that that's probably what he did, discarded the weapon."

The gun will, most likely, be put through a series of tests, but Demery said detectives are fairly certain they've found the murder weapon.