OnStar Helps Police Chase Down Suspect

Dashboard video from a city marshal's patrol unit shows the pursuit of a Chevy Avalanche, the patrol unit is driven by Deputy D.R. Buckingham. "Some pretty scary brief moments when I was trying to get around some motorists who refused to move," said Deputy Buckingham. Prompted by an OnStar call about a stolen truck out of Bossier City, Buckingham positioned himself to intercept the avalanche in Shreveport. "As soon as they activated the lights and sirens, he attempted to flee," said Lt. Kevin Crowe with Shreveport Police. He gave chase on 70th Street, but it wasn't long before the suspect attempted a turn, that he just couldn't make. The truck ended up on this huge mound of dirt. "The driver bailed out and started running toward Jewella, 7100 block," said Buckingham. Luckily the dirt is too soft for the truck to go any further up the hill, it only sustained minor damage to the front, the suspect that you can clearly see getting out and runing, was caught a couple hundred yards away, and he also sustained some damage. "A k-9 officer was on the scene, we released the k-9, he did receive a dog bite, to one of his legs," says Crowe. As the suspect was being arrested, police say two of his friends came to his aid from across the street. "Officers advised them to step away, they continued to approach, and interfere verbally, they were placed under arrest," said Crowe. Luckily the Avalanche didn't cause one on the huge mound, and nobody was seriously hurt.