Caddo Animal Shelter Employee Resigns: Alleges Misconduct and Abuse

Published: Sep. 29, 2007 at 4:23 AM CDT|Updated: Oct. 5, 2007 at 3:21 AM CDT
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Dead dogs caged with live dogs...stinging allegations from a man who says what's going on at Caddo's  Animal Shelter is irreparable unless immediate changes are made.

That man, Raymond Abney, resigned Friday.  He was the adoption coordinator at the shelter.

His five page "notice of resignation," outlines alleged torture, neglect, and abuse at the shelter.

"I've always said that if I can help the animals working here, then when I get fired or quit, I'm going to help the animals from outside," says Abney.

"I'm not just going to forget the animals," he says.

He'll never forget what he claims to have witnessed, and even photographed inside the shelter, since he started working there in January, 2006.

"As long as it's running, nobody really cares how it's running."

Some would argue, that's not true.

Caddo parish administrator, Wood Wilson, recently fired the animal director, Dr. Michael Dale.  Wilson say he did it because he did like the way the shelter was being run.

Abney says he thought Dale was doing a good job.

"Dr. Daniel was giving us, Brandon Daniel and I, the leverage to make some serious humane changes at the shelter."

What could have been so inhumane?  Dead dogs caged with live dogs, he alleges.

"I saw a dead dog in a freshly clean cage, laying under the bed with a live dog in the same cage. He either saw the dead dog and said well, 'I get it later,' or he didn't even clean it good enough to see the dead dog lying there, and I have pictures of that."

Other pictures allegedly taken by Abney, and obtained by KSLA News 12, show what's said to be raw sewage seeping in a grassy area alongside the shelter.

Another allegation?

"There was a dog that was allegedly euthanized and it was put in the cooler. The next time they opened up the cooler, to go take the dogs to the landfill, here's that dog as live as can be."

Even more disturbing....dogs allegedly left to die.

"They injected the sodium pin into the animal and they don't put enough, so they stick it in the dog and let it flop to death in the cage. I mean flop. I mean flop a painful, miserable death. I see it all the time."

Abney says says he made written and verbal complaints to his supervisors.

"I was told that I complain to much about the little things," says Abney.

KSLA News 12 spoke with parish administrator, Woody Wilson, by phone Friday night.

He says he had a meeting with Abney when the shake-up at the shelter happened more than a month ago.  He says Abney never brought up any of these allegations of abuse when he met with him privately.  Wilson says it's unfortunate that Abney chose to go public before discussing the allegations with him privately.

Reported by David Begnaud