Babies need some 6,000 diapers before they grow out of them. Which ones you choose impacts a lot of things, such as the family budget and your infant's comfort and health. So choosing a good diaper is a pretty important decision.

Consumer Reports just tested seven disposable diapers. There were ones from Pampers, Huggies, and Luvs as well as Kirkland Signature diapers from Costco and White Cloud diapers from Wal-Mart.

Let's face it--parents know best when it comes to their children. So that's where Consumer Reports began the testing. Consumer Reports supplied 14 families with a 10-day supply of each type of diaper. The parents of the babies and toddlers filled out a questionnaire that asked about everything from leakage control to fit.

Another big concern for moms and dads is preventing diaper rash. To size this up, Consumer Reports conducted absorption rate tests. Absorption rate measures how quickly a diaper absorbs liquids away from the baby's skin. Absorption rates varied. Luvs Ultra had the slowest rate, as well as the most complaints from parents about closures that tear or rip off. Pampers Cruisers sailed to the top of the Ratings. And close behind, but for a little less money, the Pampers Baby Dry with Caterpillar Flex. Those will save you 5 cents a diaper, which just could be the start of your child's college fund!

Consumer Reports says another way to cut your costs on the thousands of diapers you'll need for your baby is to buy the largest package you can find.

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