Victim's sister alleges cover up

Tonight, allegations of a cover up twenty-three years ago, in connection with confessed Ark-La-Tex serial killer Robert Browne.

The sister of one of Browne's possible victims is speaking exclusively to News 12, saying Browne could have been caught years ago.

Kathy Cole is raging, not only about how her sister was murdered, but even more about how she believes authorities handling the investigation, in the earlier eighties, tried to cover up the crime.

"She was a little fighter. She didn't give up easily. She was barely one hundred pounds soaking wet, but she had the heart of a tiger," says Cole.  "And was she an angel?  No.  I don't know any angels, but she close enough for me.

Now days, this is about as close as Cole can get to her sister Aline.

"That was Aline just before she disappeared," says Cole, looking at a picture of her sister.

Flash back to March 30, 1983; Faye Aline Self disappears.

Now, fast forward to Thursday, authorities say Robert Charles Browne confesses to murdering Self.  He lived next door to her in Coushatta Louisiana, at an apartment complex owned by his brother, where he worked as the maintenance man.

"I think the level of incompetence at the Sheriffs office at the time she disappeared is criminal," says Cole.

She claims the people leading the investigation knew the suspect, a little too well.

"I'm talking about Kerwin Browne, who was the Sheriff at the time, who told me to my face she probably ran off with some guy. I'm talking about Ronald Brown, who was the investigator who investigated the murder that his son has now admitted to doing.  Now, what better way to cover up evidence than have your father investigate it on the property owned by your brother.

Cole believes Browne's confession, but questions some of the details.

"For instance, she was at the Wagon Wheel with friends and people that she worked with.  They said she left the bar to go home and pick up the baby. The baby was at my mother's house. He says he was wandering around the complex later on he found an open door and went in and she was in the bed asleep, and he killed her basically. How did he she get from the bar?  Her car was still at the bar.

Authorities have not been able to answer that question, or find Aline Self's body.

For Kathy Cole, the answer of what happened, finally means some sense of closure, but no measure of gratitude.

"I'm not grateful to him for anything.  Because we had to wait for an answer to something that he caused.  So, why should I be grateful that he gave me an answer after 23 years.

No, I hate him!"