EXCLUSIVE: Ex Father-In-Law Of Missing Woman Talks About Son

Published: Feb. 6, 2006 at 4:20 AM CST|Updated: Feb. 10, 2006 at 11:29 AM CST
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"You know, frankly, I'm afraid of him."
     Chilling words from the father of Jesse McGay. Tim McGay accuses his son of nearly choking him to death. "Boy, he just took me down on the ground and put my head in a twist. He had me in a paralyzed move, I mean, it must have been something he learned in the military."
     The father says all that happened after the disappearance of his son's ex-wife, Cory Rubio, here in Shreveport seven years ago.
     Shreveport Detective Pat Lamotte tells News 12 choking is McGay's M.O. Lamotte says he not only choked his father, but had also choked his former wife, Cory Rubio in the past. And McGay's new girlfriend at a base in Korea also claimed that McGay had choked her, even telling the new girlfriend once, quote, 'Be careful or I'll bury you like I did my ex-wife.'
     Lamotte says McGay denied the comment and it ended there.
     But police said there was simply not enough evidence to arrest McGay back in January of 1999 after they discovered Rubio's abandoned car at the Stoner Boat Launch.
     McGay's father tells News 12 before hearing of his son's ex-wife disappearing, he had a strange encounter with a psychic. "She just kind of went to trembling and she said, 'Oh, my God.' She said, 'Jesse killed his wife, said he strangled her."
     Jesse's father says he even called the D.A.'s office, telling them the psychic believed Cory's body was in a nearby lake.
     Cadaver dogs on training did hit on something at the Stoner Boat Launch two years after she disappeared, but after days of searching and digging nothing was found.
     But, we spoke with friends of McGay, who say categorically Jesse could not have killed Cory Rubio, saying Jesse's the real victim.
     "No man is willing to admit that, you know, that his wife is the one that's beating on him," said friend Pat Arendell. "But he was never abusive to her at all."
     Two other close friends of McGay also defend him.
     Pat Arendell has his own theory. "Honestly and truthfully, I still think it was just a random either carjacking or something that went wrong."
     Jesse and Cory's daughter together, Samantha, just turned nine-years old. She's now being raised by Cory's parents. Jesse has not seen or spoken to his daughter since losing custody seven years ago.
     But, News 12 has confirmed that Jesse McGay has had a run-in with the law recently. In July, police charged him with insurance fraud.
     We have also tracked down McGay's current whereabouts. But, police have asked us not to contact him directly until they have a chance to do so. Detective Lamotte will only say she'll make that trip soon.