Youngest solo pilot breaks one record, continues to fly around the world

17-year-old LaTech University aviator is breaking records

MONROE, LA (KSLA) - Mason Andrews left Monroe, Louisiana on a mission just under 2 weeks ago and he has already broken one record.

Andrews is officially the youngest solo pilot to fly across the Atlantic Ocean.

He's not done yet, the ultimate goal is to be the youngest pilot to fly solo around the world. Not only that, he is doing this whole journey to raise awareness and funds for MedCamps —  a camp tailored for children with disabilities or illnesses.

So far, he has stopped in Wisconsin, Canada, New York, Newfoundland, Santa Maria Island, and Paris, France.

He has 14 more stops in 8 countries left before breaking another record. So far, the weather has diverted his route slightly, so the cities listed may not be exactly where he lands.

Here is a map of his stops across the world:

(Credit: Google Maps)

Andrews has been documenting his journey on his Instagram. In his latest post, he expresses how exciting it was to break one world record.

Yesterday was one of the most amazing experiences of my life as I broke my first world record along my circumnavigation by becoming the youngest pilot to solo cross the Atlantic Ocean between North America and Europe. This accomplishment is special to me because not only did I break a world record, but I was able to honor Charles Lindbergh's "Spirit of St. Louis" flight across the Atlantic with my own aircraft "Spirit of Louisiane." I have seen extravagant sites so far along my journey and to me, it's only the beginning. Next stop, Dubrovnik, Croatia.

(Credit: @lance78c/Instagram)

You can follow along on his journey with a live flight tracker on his website. KSLA got a chance to sit down with Andrews before he took off, you can read and watch more here.

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