Eye exams are important for young scholars

Updated: Aug. 1, 2018 at 7:25 AM CDT
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SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - You've gotten your child's new backpack and school supplies, but have you thought about getting their eyes checked?

Ophthalmologists stress getting your children in for a routine eye exam because they can check not only their eyes but see if there are any issues or problems that could run in the child's family.

It's something that's very important, but most parents tend to overlook this simple task.

Dr. Mary Catherine Clemons is an ophthalmologist at the Shreveport Eye Clinic and says getting their exam done before school starts helps them start the school year out on a good foot.

"It helps in terms of them being able to function properly in the classroom, especially kids who might sit in the back," she said. "They don't start out struggling because they can't see the board."

Clemons says she typically see's parents scheduling exams for their children after school starts.

"I get more of the complaint of 'hey my kid is having headaches' or they're saying 'they are struggling seeing the board in class,'" she said. "That's usually (the) majority of the time what strikes up the idea to go get their eyes examined."

Kacie Brown is a teacher, and see's a lot of her students struggling to see during the school year. She took her daughter to get her eyes checked so that she won't have that problem when school starts.

"I have students in my classroom who can't see the board, who can't see the words on the page, and so I think it's important for her in order to be successful in the classroom, make sure she can always see and do everything she's supposed to do," she said.

Brown believes most parents have so much to do for their children before school starts that they tend to forget to schedule an eye exam.

"I think school supply shopping and clothes shopping and all of those things are important, and then this just kind of sits on the back burner," she said. "They don't realize it until they get a call from their teacher or their school saying their child's having trouble seeing."

Some schools do conduct simple screenings for children, but Clemons suggest making that appointment now before the school year begins.

She says if your child doesn't have any eye issues make sure to still visit the doctor as needed, and she also suggests those heading into high school stop in and get an exam.

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