Broadmoor residents question placement in city sewer line project

Broadmoor residents alarmed about construction
Updated: Jul. 27, 2018 at 7:09 PM CDT
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SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Residents in Shreveport's Broadmoor neighborhood say the city is poorly executing a construction project to replace sewer lines.

The construction is taking place on Sandefur Street.

"They're going to have to tear up this side of the road, well there's issue number one, if you're gonna tear up the road why don't you replace the whole road because the whole road is collapsing already," said Rob Broussard, President of the Broadmoor Neighborhood Association.

He says issue number two is the city's plan to run sewer lines under the street will leave residents at a disadvantage.

"The homeowner according to the city ordinance is responsible for the sewer line from their house all the way to the pipe so these people will now have to pay for a sewer line to go all the way to the middle of the street," Broussard said.

City Engineer Patrick Furlong says residents who are already connected will remain connected at no cost to them. He says Broussard's request to repave the entire street along with the connecting pipes is simply not in the city's budget.

"My question to our city leaders, number one is if you're going to tear up our streets why shouldn't the city go ahead and run the PVC pipe through the middle of the median like they do your water," Broussard said.

Residents say with aging clay pipes going from their homes to the sewer line, their biggest concern would be having to pay more just to get re-connected if anything goes wrong.

"So we were asking that they put a pipe and run it through the middle of our right away here so we wouldn't have to dig up the street," said Ernie Cowger, a Shreveport resident.

Broussard says he plans on working with city officials to find a middle ground.

The work on Sandefur should be done within a few weeks. However, the construction is part of a much larger project that will continue for months.

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