LSU medical students share extra special bond

LSU medical students share extra special bond

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - On Friday, L.S.U. Health Sciences Center in Shreveport welcomed the class of 2022 to campus to ring in the school year.

The class consists of over 130 students, but for one fresh, to-be doctor, this long and arduous journey hits extra close to home.

"For me growing up, you always want to try and be your best," said Joe Ulicny. "With medicine, you can always try to be your best every single day."

But, Joe's not alone in this four-year challenge. His role model and best friend happens to be a fourth-year medical student himself.

"I talked to my wife and I had been an E.M.T. for a while, so I was like, 'I think I want to do medicine,'" said Ken Ulicny. "So...I jumped into it."

You may have noticed Joe and Ken happen to have the same last name. Well, these two are father and son.

Ken, Joe's father, said he's elated to see his son following in his footsteps.

"Joe is very hard working, he works me into the ground," Ken said. "He makes me look lazy when it comes to school work."

For Joe, having Joe as a father figure both in his personal and professional life keeps him motivated and grounded.

"It's kinda neat to see your dad at your place of work while you're in school," Joe said. "He's guided me to Shreveport and been my rock...your parents can be your best friends."

Ken graduates at the end of this year and hopes to specialize in Anesthesiology.

Joe said it's still way too early to figure out what he wants to focus on at the end of his time in medical school.

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