FIRST ALERT: Hottest stretch of weather of the year coming up

FIRST ALERT: Hottest stretch of weather of the year coming up

(KSLA) - Brace yourself! We could be entering the hottest stretch of weather we see all year. If not, we could be in some trouble later on this month or in August.

An upper-level ridge, which is represented by a big blue H on the map below, will continue to expand further east later this week and this weekend. As it does so, it's going to bring in some serious heat. By Friday afternoon, we are seeing a lot of pink over the ArkLaTex. That represents highs near or just above 100 degrees.

High temperatures through the start of next week will be near or just above 100 degrees. Keep in mind, the average high for Shreveport over the next 7 days is 94 degrees.

Despite the triple-digit temperatures, this is not going to be record shattering heat. Take a look at the record highs in Shreveport for the next 7 days:

  • July 19 (Thursday) 104 degrees (1875)
  • July 20 (Friday) 101 degrees (200)
  • July 21 (Saturday) 103 degrees (1963)
  • July 22 (Sunday) 105 degrees (1881)
  • July 23 (Monday) 102 degrees (2011)
  • July 24 (Tuesday) 106 degrees (1954)
  • July 25 (Wednesday) 103 degrees (1954)

Even though our humidity levels won't be off the charts in the heat of the day, it's still going to be humid, so heat indices or feels-like temperatures will be a few degrees above the actual air temperature.

Max heat index values will likely top 105 degrees across most of the area. However, some spots could see heat indices approach 110 degrees by the end of the work week and into the weekend.

With heat indices this high, Heat Advisories will likely be issued for most of the area. There is even a chance an Excessive Heat Warning could be issued parts of the ArkLaTex.

On average, heat is responsible for more deaths in the United States each year than tornadoes and hurricanes, according to the National Weather Service. The graphic below shows a few heat safety tips to beat the heat.

Heat Stroke is one of the most dangerous forms of heat illnesses. It is important to know the signs and symptoms of heat stroke and what do if you are someone else gets heat stroke

With an upper-level ridge building in from the west, most of the rain will stay out to our east. Many will places won't see another drop of rain until the middle of next week. Here's a look at FutureTrack Rainfall Forecast through next Tuesday afternoon.

The KSLA First Alert Weather Team will continue to be your First Alert when it comes to the potential of dangerous heat through the upcoming weekend! Here are a few ways you can stay up to date with the latest forecast:

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