Former Red River Parish administrator paid herself an extra $17,112, audit alleges

State helping Red River DA investigate whether criminal charges are warranted

RED RIVER PARISH, LA (KSLA) - A legislative audit reportedly has uncovered that a former administrator for Red River Parish Communications District paid herself an additional $17,112 over 19 months.

Jennifer Mahfouz gave herself an additional 10 paychecks, the audit alleges. She was responsible for overseeing 911 operations, as well as paying bills, issuing paychecks and entering transactions into the electronic accounting system.

The audit also unearthed that Mahfouz "consistently issued herself paychecks before to the end of the district's pay periods and appears to have altered the district's electronic accounting records to conceal her actions."

"One of the things we wanted to do was get them to talk to their legal counsel to figure out what actions they needed to make sure these types of situations don't occur in the future," said Roger Harris, director of investigative audit for the Louisiana Legislative Auditor's office. "Also, whether or not they can go about recovering the money they actually paid out to the administrator that they shouldn't have done."

According to Harris, the additional paychecks Mahfouz paid out to herself did come from public funds.

"We also want them to develop to policies and procedures to make sure there's some kind of segregation of accounting functions," said Harris.

Harris said Mahfouz was the only employee working for the Red River Parish Communications District.

"There's a board that oversees what she does, but I don't think they were focusing on that particular point at that time," said Harris.

Julie Jones, district attorney for Red River Parish, discussed what's next for the case.

"The attorney general's office is going to help me further the investigation, or help by furthering the investigation into criminal matter," said Jones. "Once their investigation is finished, the office will proceed accordingly."

According to the audit, Mahfouz was fired from her position on April 8, 2018.

KSLA has a crew heading to Red River Parish to learn more about the investigation.

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