Weather or Not: Outflow Boundaries

Weather or Not: Outflow Boundaries

ARKLATEX (KSLA) - Did you know that some thunderstorms can cause the formation of other thunderstorms? These are caused by something called outflow boundaries.

When thunderstorms are created, they form cool downdrafts of air. This cool air is then spread out in all directions at the surface.

Eventually, so much cold air from the cloud and the precipitation will then be released from the cloud and it will overtake surrounding warmer air. This then creates the outflow boundary. This boundary can cause instability in the atmosphere and act as a cold front to form new storms between the cold and warm air.

These boundaries can be seen on the radar when summertime thunderstorms hit. This is because winds can be gusty at times stirring up dirt, grass, bugs, and other particles that are picked up by radar.

These boundaries can cause gusty winds a lot of the time that can sometimes get up to 60 miles per hour and can cause some wind damage. Frequently you will see funnel clouds along outflow boundaries as well.

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