2 ArkLaTex teachers to bring space camp experience to their classrooms

2 ArkLaTex educators attend space camp

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Two ArkLaTex teachers are looking to bring a fresh perspective to their classrooms in the fall from space.

The teachers had a chance to go to the Honeywell Educators at Space Academy in Huntsville, Alabama in June.

They got to learn about the space program and ways to bring space technology into their classrooms.

"So being able to take what I got from space camp and incorporate it into what we're already doing, I think that they're going to come back and be like, 'Miss Gibbs what did you do over the summer? This class is just gone off the chain, or lit' or whatever word they want to use now," said Rebekah Gibbs, who went to space camp and teaches the Gifted and Talented course for 6th through 8th grade at Elm Grove Middle School in Bossier City.

"And it was just reinvigorating as an educator. Summers are not just meant for relaxing and re-cooperating, but that's when we get to be a student. So you get to live your student fantasies and go to camp as a camper," said Jody Franks, who also went to camp and teaches 8th Grade Science at Mike Moses Middle School in Nacogdoches, TX.

They got to complete different challenges and simulations including an anti-gravity chair.

Franks says she plans on using what she learned to give her students a connection to the space program that they otherwise wouldn't have had.

"It gives them the idea that we can push beyond where we currently are. And it pushes them towards a positive growth mindset that we're not just set in the society that we currently exist in, but that we can grow beyond that," said Franks.

Gibbs says it's important to use the experience to help push students to realize their full potential.

"So I feel like if I can just inspire one child to go to that next level, or multiple children to be able to do whatever it is that they want to do, then that's all worth it,"  said Gibbs.

The teachers say they also made connections with other educators from all over the world, and they plan to keep in touch with them as additional resources for their students.

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