Bossier Arts Council may oversee East Bank festivals

Efforts getting underway to bring festivals to East Bank District

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) - The East Bank District has been open since November but Bossier City officials are still working to get festivals and concerts into the newly renovated festival plaza region.

A plan to have the Bossier Arts Council oversee the management of those events passed a first reading during Tuesday's city council meeting.

Under the proposal, council members will move $25,000 dollars from the General Fund to the Bossier Arts Council for the rest of this budget year so they can hire an extra employee to handle the new responsibilities.

The budget allotment to the Bossier Arts Council would go up to $50,000 dollars next year since it would be for a full year.

"We're getting a lot of calls already for people who are wanting to book the plaza and do events there and there hasn't really been an entity in place that would allow them to go ahead and set up and schedule those events," said Executive Director of the Bossier Arts Council Robin Jones.

The Bossier Arts Council would make a master calendar of events, book and coordinate events, and more.

The Bossier Arts Council already manages a lot of festivals and representatives say they are ready to do the same for festival plaza to get the new area booming.

"There's so many things and so many gems on that street already, this is just an added place to for them to come and bring their families and just hang out for the afternoon," continued Jones.

It's something many businesses in the East Bank have been waiting for, hoping that getting festivals and concerts in the area will get more foot traffic in their businesses.

"The more foot traffic and more festivals and things we get down in this area, the better it is for all the businesses," said Ben Pattillo of Flying Heart Brewing.

"Start gaining publicity for the area, drawing in more traffic, drawing in more of a downtown walking around crowd that Bossier hasn't really seen before," he continued.

The plan still has to pass a second reading at city council in two weeks.

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