Weather or Not: How clouds form

Weather or Not: How clouds form

ARKLATEX (KSLA) - Clouds are something you see most every day. You may think that they are made of different gases, but they are actually a combination of water droplets and ice crystals. How do these everyday clouds form?

The sun heats up the surface. Because the air is warm and holds more moisture, it will naturally rise throughout the atmosphere. As this air rises it cools. Once it cools down to the dew point, or the point of saturation, and reaches a specific height the water will condense.

Condensation nuclei are just small particles in the air. These are microscopic or very, very small but are a key part in cloud formation.

Now you may look in the sky and just say those are clouds, but did you know that there are specific kinds of clouds? Each cloud type gets it names because of where it forms in the atmosphere and the look of them. Here's a chart.

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