Our next weather maker: When and what to expect

Our next weather maker: When and what to expect

(KSLA) - After a prolonged dry spell and a worsening drought, the Ark-La-Tex is finally getting a break. By Sunday, June 17, 2018 rain and storms will begin to increase from the south.

We may still see a bit of blue sky, but much needed rain will begin to fall for much of the area, This rain event may last off and on through much of the work week.

Here's a quick look at the weekend forecast which will see a slight chance of storms Saturday with a much better chance of rain and storms along with cooler temperatures Sunday. Above is a snapshot of Sunday afternoon as rain and storms are working their way northward. Once the rain begins, most of us will notice a temperature difference. Saturday has a high of about 93 but Sunday's should fall into the 80s to near 90. As you can see, the highs for Monday and Tuesday will stay in the 80s which will be well below normal for June. The normal high is 90 or just above, It does appear that the highs will begin to increase as the rain decreases with only isolated rain by Friday.

It would be great if this were a weather pattern change because with more regular rainfall, our threat of a prolonged drought would be less likely. The map above show that our area is in a slight to moderate drought. The rain we get may erase the moderate portion but it could wind up as a drought-buster.

This period of rain is setting up a bit differently than rain and storms ahead of your usual cold front situation. Here is a look at the set-up. There are no fronts involved. Instead, it's an abundance of moisture and a few triggers. The high pressure system to our east has a clock-wise rotation of wind around it. Those winds will pick up plenty of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico and transport it into the Ark-La-Tex. There is, in simple terms, an area of low pressure, or a disturbance in the gulf that has counter clock-wise winds around it which will transport abundant tropical moisture into our area, especially in the mid levels of the atmosphere. With a juicy atmosphere it appears that we will be primed as disturbances lend a hand to increasing rainfall.

Also, a word of caution for Sunday, Father's Day, as travelers will need to take a little extra time and be prepared for wet roads and maybe some heavy downpours. As you head back to work next week or to run errands, remember the commute rush could be on wet roads so be cautious and not in a rush. Enjoy the cooler and wetter weather while it lasts.

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