BPSO accepts federal detainees

BPSO accepts federal detainees

BOSSIER PARISH, LA (KSLA) - Over 100 immigrants who were caught crossing the U.S. border illegally are currently being held in Bossier Parish, according to the Bossier Sheriff's Office.

Due to President Donald Trump's focus on securing the nation's borders, the Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office was contacted about the possibility of housing level 1 Federal Detainees.

"It's part of National Security," said Sheriff Julian Whittington.

"It's my understanding that these detainees have been super cooperative. It's a sad situation if you want to know the truth. A lot of these people are risking their lives trying to get here and unfortunately, we have people who are born here, American citizens, that don't appreciate what they have."

Once the sheriff approved the request, 54 Level 1 Federal Detainees were admitted to the medium security facility on Monday, with another 50 on Tuesday, and another busload expected Wednesday.

The detainees are of the lowest security level since they have not been convicted of any crimes, they have just entered the United States unlawfully.

"Some of them may have misdemeanor offenses on their record. I don't think so far we've received any of those. Non-violent individuals," said Whittington.

These detainees will be held at the Bossier facility until the federal court system determines their outcome.

Whittington says none of these detainees will be released in Bossier Parish.

Currently, the per diam for housing federal detainees is $62 a day, that's compared to $24 a day for state inmates.

As state lawmakers prepare to lower that number to just $19 a day, Whittington says the extra money was a factor in the decision-making process.

"It certainly was a factor. Yes sir," Whittington said. "If the state follows through with their five dollars per diam cut on state inmates, that would affect us to the tune of about 1.8 million dollars. I for one will return the DOC prisoners."

"The Parish of Bossier is not going to pay for state prisoners. The state needs to get their act together and take care of their business."

The Bossier Parish Sheriff's Correction Division is approved by the federal government to house federal inmates and has been for over 20 years, according to the sheriff's office.

In order to comply with the federal request, the Bossier Parish Corrections Division had to make some changes to its offender population. This resulted in 180 offenders being relocated to other parish facilities for housing.

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