Legendary Centenary coach leads on and off the field

The many hats of Coach Glenn Evans

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - For Shreveport resident Glenn Evans, Centenary College is less of a place of learning and more of a second home.

For nearly 50 years, Evans has dedicated much of his life to furthering the institution in a number of aspects.

"I think it would take a Michelangelo to paint what Centenary means to me," Evans said. "I'm like a bad penny, they can't get rid of me."

From the soccer field to the classroom, Evans, who's better known simply as "Coach" has left his mark on the school in an irreplaceable way.

"Centenary changed my life around," he said.

Coach was a Centenary student from 1966 to 1969. He later returned in in the mid-70's to begin the school's first men's soccer program, which would lead to him bringing the school's female program to Centenary in 1992.

Later, Coach would go on to serve as a Centenary baseball coach, teacher and athletic director.

"He is someone who is the heart of Centenary," said Connor Soblom, a recent graduate of Centenary College. "He still works the snack bars, whether it's at the basketball games, or the softball games...he was always someone still around campus."

And when the time came, Coach retired three times. Yet, if you workout at Centenary's gym between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., you'll find coach still monitoring the weight area.

"He's one of the reasons I'm still here," said Liz Knight, a rising Centenary senior and soccer player. "He's talked me through the hardest situations...I go to him for about everything."

For Richard Plant, Coach served didn't just serve as a leader on the soccer field - he was a father figure.

"Playing soccer at Centenary was literally a life-changing event for me," Plant said.

Plant came from South Africa to Shreveport in the late 80's to player soccer under Coach. That's the first time he's been in the United States.

"Coach is a giver not a taker...he is a giving person," Plant said. "I think we go through life looking for things from people, whereas Coach is willing to give to others and not expect much back in return."

David Orr is Centenary's current assistant athletic director, He also played on the men's soccer team during the early 90's under Coach.

"Honestly, if there was a house on campus, that's probably where he would be living," Orr said. "I don't know a single person, whether you're new to Centenary as a faculty member or student that's not heard his name."

Coach has served as an idol and source of wisdom - both on and off the field - for hundreds of students across Centenary. Those closest to him describe him as a galvanizing figure with an indescribably kind personality.

But, Coach just wants to be a friend.

"Everybody needs a friend and everybody needs someone to talk to," said Coach. "Here I am."

When asked if he plans to retire a fourth time, he said he doesn't plan on Centenary anytime soon.

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