Gas prices remain high heading into summer vacation season

Will higher gas prices affect your summer travel plans?
Updated: May. 28, 2018 at 9:00 PM CDT
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ARKLATEX (KSLA) - Millions across the nation are returning from Memorial Day weekend vacations. If you are one of them, you've likely noticed you are paying more at the pump.

"I was gonna get gas somewhere and it was $2.79 and I thought oh my gosh," said Michelle Barnes of Oak Grove, LA.

"Oh yes. It depends on where you go. Some places high, some places low, it just depends on where you go," said Shreveport resident Shimeka Davis.

The national average for gas is 31 percent higher than last Memorial Day weekend and the highest since 2014. Several factors are in play including Alberto in the gulf, unrest in oil-rich countries in the middle east, and increase in consumer demand.

According to AAA, the national average sits at $2.97. Analysts predict that average may top $3.00 per gallon this summer. In Louisiana, prices are slightly lower averaging around $2.67.

"Really once we are getting toward that $3.50 mark is when we really see people making drastic changes. People may not travel as far or as long as they had planned to or even when they are on vacation not eat out as much or pinch pennies in other ways," AAA Spokesperson Jeanette Casselano told CBS news.

According to Gas Buddy's 2018 Summer Travel Survey, more Americans are planning "staycations" instead of road trips this summer.

The survey states only 58 percent of people will take a road trip, a 24 percent decrease from last year. Gas Buddy says 39 percent of people are citing high gas prices as a reason.

We caught up with some drivers fueling up in Shreveport to see if their summer travel plans are being impacted.

Michelle Barnes and Angie Pickron normally travel to Florida.

"It affects everything because if you want to go on vacation, the money you would spend to go on it, you gotta put in gas. It takes more to go than it did last year," said Barnes.

"Just day by day, we'll see what it's gonna be," she continued.

Others say it's just part of traveling.

"It just goes with the economy. If you travel, you gotta pay it," said Robert Smolik. He was fueling up in Shreveport on a trip from his Florida home to Texas to pick up his granddaughter.

According to Gas Buddy, gas in Shreveport ranges anywhere from $2.44 to $2.63.

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