SPD patrolling Allendale on bikes after fatal shootings

Shreveport police get up close and personal in Allendale
Updated: May. 24, 2018 at 7:23 PM CDT
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SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Choosing a different means of transportation, Shreveport police hit the ground rolling with two wheels instead of four.

"Basically we call it our Grassroots Bike Operation. It's where we get on our bicycles and do some things and try to get with the community," said Sergeant Gregory Washington.

Patrolling the city's Allendale neighborhood Thursday, officers from the community-oriented policing bureau were making their presence known.

"I really enjoy the police being out here today," said resident Kaneesha Williams.

The patrol was in response to a recent rash of violent crimes to spray the area.

"Everybody just getting shot, you know, it's hard. It's hard to keep hearing on the news here comes another one," said Williams.

In the month of May alone,  gunmen shot and killed two people.

Messiah Murphy, 4, was killed near the intersection of Buena Vista and North Pierre Street, and 19-year-old Cardarius Miller on the 1900 block of Patzman.

The two locations are less than 1 mile apart.

"The shooting was right here by my window and that's scary because I have kids," said Allendale resident Adrianna Cade. "My oldest son, he's still scared. He talks about it every night because he feels like they're going to shoot.

Cade says while things have slowed down a bit, the ease of knowing the officers are around to offer her a sigh of relief.

"I think it'll help the community a lot as long as we got them around I don't think it'll be as much drama as it is," said Cade.

The officers' disadvantages are obvious. They're missing the protection and speed of their vehicles.

But Shreveport Police Sergeant Gregory Washington says that's the point.

"Most of the time if we're in the vehicles, people see us were doing business, we either writing tickets, or we arresting people, but on the bikes, it's more personal," Washington said.

And when they put their bikes back on the rack. "And then we have our other unit the CRU units those guy in the black cars, they go through at night time and that's how we hit em with a one-two punch."

A combination the department hopes will truly help put a dent in crime.

The Allendale based church First United Methodist helped the department in their patrol by providing bulletproof vests and water bottles holders. They also have an Allendale outreach program geared toward helping residents.

"There has been some recent violent crimes in this neighborhood. Our church family was affected by that with the recent shooting we just want to make sure that people in this community know that these community policing officers are here to help them and support them, and help them have better safer lives. The police are not bad they're there to help them," said Michelle Osborn, the church's program organizer.

She is asking anyone who is willing to help in the community to visit the church and get involved.

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