Homeowners fight against curbside garbage pile in their neighborhood

What to do if you live next to a filthy house

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Imagine spending thousands and thousands of dollars - or more - to renovate your older home and the property, along with many of your neighbors.

Now imagine piles of garbage, broken furniture, even clothing all piled up at the curb next door. That's the scenario playing out in real time in Shreveport's Highland Neighborhood.

It's now been nearly three weeks since piles of garbage, ranging from couches to mattresses, to clothing, were dragged out to the curb.

And all that trash is still there, for now on Kirby Lane; much to the frustration of those living near the rental house.

"Does that look like that's a health hazard to you?" asked neighbor Susan Reeks. "I mean look at it."

Reeks and others have begun calling the city for help, along with reaching out on social media and of course to traditional media, like KSLA News 12.

The owner of the rental house is Lloyd Hoover. He explained this is just one of 20 rental homes under his control, along with three liquor stores.

Hoover told us he had an employee move the garbage at the Kirby Lane property from inside the house to the curb.

Since then, neighbors said the city instructed them. It is now Hoover's responsibility to have the junk removed, now that the old tenants finally moved out.

"I'm old and don't have time to, telling them, make them pay rent. They stayed in there like four or five months overdue rent," added Hoover.

He spoke with us over the phone, explaining that he's just been waiting for his employee to drag out the rest of the trash before calling the city's Bulk Collection Program.

"I walked through the house after they vacated the house," recalled Lily Storer, who lives right across the street.

She began to describe the living conditions inside the house as unbearable. "It was just infested with rats and it's not liveable for young children."

But Storer explained it was even worse as she walked up the stairs, "The whole upstairs had like, just dog mess everywhere."

Adding insult to injury for neighbors is their growing concern about the structural integrity of the home.

Reeks said they've made calls about that concern as well, "See how it slopes?" pointed Reeks, as she walked around the perimeter of the property. "It's dangerous."

Now, after living next door for the last quarter of a century, and watching this rental revolving door, Reeks said she's left with one inescapable conclusion. "This house needs to be torn down. It's just, it's not safe."

The city urges people to report abandoned items that require the Bulky Item Pickup service.

Just call the City of Shreveport Public Works Department at (318) 673-6300 or go online to the city's website to fill out a request form.

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