Caddo Crawfish Farm closed for season

Caddo Crawfish Farm closed for season

 "Home Grown Tail, Always for Sale." That's the slogan for Caddo Crawfish Farm in Shreveport. But, the "Always for Sale" part isn't quite true this year.

Northwest Louisiana crawfish season starts a little bit later than South Louisiana due to ground temperatures. So, this would normally be the time of year when Smokey James would start catching crawfish on his Caddo Crawfish Farm.

But not this year. 
When flash flooding hit Shreveport earlier this year, the rising Red River brought in a few feet of water and fish to his property.

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - "Every time the Red River floods, back floods into this piece of property, it puts fish in the crawfish farm. When you have fish and crawfish cohabitating, the fish are going to win. The fish are going to eat the crawfish. Therefore, when fish are eating the crawfish, that means we won't catch enough for any kind of harvesting for any kind of profit," said Smokey James.

Smokey is no stranger to flooding. His property took a devastating hit during 2015-2016 floods and he's still recovering from that damage.

So with no crawfish in sight, Smokey decided to close down Caddo Crawfish for the season to focus on rebuilding.

"We just go to a point when it ruined crawfish harvest time, it was time to shut down and start re-evaluating and fix things up around here," he explained. 

But, he's hopeful he'll be selling crawfish again next season.

It's a hobby the retired fireman started 12 to 15 years ago.  Over time, the community has grown to love his fresh, live, locally grown Northwest Louisiana crawfish.
 "I bought it for recreation. One day a fireman friend of mine said, you know, I think we could grow crawfish out there, so that's what we did ." 

Smokey says when he's in business, he's the only crawfish farm in the Shreveport-Bossier area with a purging tank to wash and clean crawfish.

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