Editorial: Don't Litter

Editorial: Don't Litter

(KSLA) - When it comes to littering. Are we are getting better or worse?

For 30 years Texas has used the Don't mess with Texas campaign to push back against littering.

Keep Louisiana Beautiful was founded in 2000 to fight it.

We can see these campaigns on billboards and in other media.

Both have goals of building awareness and educating all of us on how littering affects our quality of life.

In 2017, Texas passed a new law allowing judges to assign 60 hours of community service in addition to the fines Texas had on the books.

Now, there is a bill in the LA House to address the problem. The bill adds an option of 30 days of jail time and lengthens the window of time someone can be prosecuted.

It is a shame that such measures are necessary. Why can't people simply wait until they get to their destination to dispose of trash?

It is frustrating when you think of the time many groups volunteer to address the problem. Think of all the other good things these good people could be doing to help rather than picking up after the bad apples.

While well-intentioned, I am not sure another law will stop it. What do you think?

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