Caught On Camera: Pedestrian struck in hit-and-run crash

Pedestrian struck in 9400 block of St. Vincent Avenue (Source: Scott Pace/KSLA News 12)
Pedestrian struck in 9400 block of St. Vincent Avenue (Source: Scott Pace/KSLA News 12)
Published: Apr. 6, 2018 at 5:05 PM CDT|Updated: Apr. 6, 2018 at 10:26 PM CDT
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SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Caught on camera:  Dramatic footage of a pedestrian being struck during a hit-and-run crash Now witnesses and authorities are hoping someone can recognize the vehicle that sped off.

Surveillance video captured the very moment that what appeared to be a silver Jeep Grand Cherokee struck a man walking on a Shreveport sidewalk.

"It was awful. I mean, I don't know how, why anybody would, would know that they hit a person and then not stop," said Chris Castleman.

He showed us what their security camera captured outside their business, Abatement Services at noon on this Friday.

The man can be seen walking on the sidewalk in the 9400 block of Saint Vincent Avenue when the speeding northbound SUV crossed two lanes of traffic, went off the road and hit the victim from behind. It threw him forward and sent the SUV's side mirror flying into the air.

"Honestly, everything happened so fast it took me a minute to even realize that was a person. I mean, he was just rolling around on the ground," recalled employee Jennifer Fitzgerald, sitting at the front desk looking outside toward the road.

Fitzgerald quickly alerted Castleman who the rushed out to check on him. "And he was just trying to get up and we were trying to tell him to stay still and he wasn't listening to us. He wasn't in a good frame of mind. I would say he's probably in shock."

Police said the victim, 27-year-old Caedaria Watson, suffered serious but non-life threatening injuries.

Fitzgerald and Castleman told us drivers have swerved to avoid bad road conditions here for years, including severe potholes.

Castleman walked outside with us and pointed to one patched portion of roadway and said, "...and your whole car or truck is just doing this number right here."

While no one is saying at this point that the road conditions had anything at all to do with this hit and run, those conditions are bad enough that even an electronic business sign nearby warns, 'Watch out bump ahead.'

And Castleman said they were so happy to see road crews making repairs he even took a photo of it two weeks ago. Now he and others just hope someone will recognize this SUV and call the authorities.

Anyone with information on this hit-and-run is urged to call Crime Stoppers at (318) 673-7373.

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