Severe Weather Preparedness: Take a selfie in your safe place

Severe Weather Preparedness: Take a selfie in your safe place

The severe weather season is well underway. There have already been several rounds of severe storms that have impacted the ArkLaTex this spring, and, with April just beginning, the severe weather season is far from over.

In the ArkLaTex, April and May tend to be the most active months. On average, more tornadoes touch down in the ArkLaTex in April and May than any other month.

When preparing for severe weather the first thing people should know is where they are going to go or where is there safe place.

During at tornado warning, the best place to go is inside a storm shelter. If a storm shelter is not available, people should go to their basement or an interior room away from any windows on the lowest level of their home.

With the peak severe weather season quickly approaching, the National Weather Service (NWS) launched the #SafePlaceSelfie campaign on April 4.

The campaign has a simple message. The NWS wants to get people to think about where they would go if severe or extreme weather was occurring. Once they have found a safe place, take a selfie a and post it to social media using the #SafePlaceSelfie. Also, use the #heyksla so KSLA News 12 can see the picture too.

The StormTracker 12 Weather Team even took selfies in their safe place!

StormTracker 12 Meteorologist James Parish even took a selfie in his safe place with his cat, Colonel Honey Mustard, to remind people to include their pets into their severe weather plan.

Severe weather can strike at anytime of year and at anytime of day, so people need to know where to go when they are at work or school too. Only knowing where their safe place is at home is not going to help them when they are at work.

Even though the StormTracker 12 Weather Team knows what when they are at home when severe weather strikes, they aren't home when it does. When severe weather threatens the ArkLaTex they are tracking storms, so they took a selfie in the weather center.

Here are just a few things to keep in a safe place or in an emergency kit.

  • Water
  • Non-perishable food
  • Flashlight with extra batteries

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