Dispute arises over whether Sci-Port sought a $2 million loan

Debate erupts over whether Sci-Port sought $2 million loan

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - There are questions, by some, whether Sci-Port Discovery Center in downtown Shreveport is asking for a $2 million loan.

At least one Caddo Parish commissioner insists that's the case.

Commissioner Steven Jackson said "the parish officials, myself, Dr. Wilson and Randy Lucky were asked to consider doing a $2 million loan to Sci-Port."

Jackson said he was one of the seven people involved in the private meeting in February.

"To come out and say that that (loan) was not discussed, or that was not the intent of the meeting, I think is disingenuous," Jackson said.

Rich Lamb, who chairs Sci-Port's board, could not attend that meeting.

But he said it's his understanding a loan was just one of many ideas that came up during brainstorming.

"Sci-Port is in no way, shape or form asking for a loan from anybody," he explained.

And Lamb said there is one very clear-cut reason that's the case.

"I couldn't sign that in good faith. I don't have a permanent source of revenue that I could say we could use this to repay the note."

The confusion could simply be a classic case of people hearing the very same thing yet coming away with completely separate takes on the message because of different interpretations, Lamb said

Shreveport Chamber of Commerce President Dr. Timothy Magner, who attended the meeting in question, agreed with Lamb saying there was not a request for a loan.

Lamb said he hopes this issue does not take away from the big development happening this week.

It's the reopening of the IMAX theater for members only Friday and for the general public over the weekend.

The reopening comes a little more than a month after the Power of Play exhibit opened to the public.

Hours for the IMAX starting April 12 will be Thursday through Saturday from 9 a.m.–5 p.m. and Sunday from noon–5 p.m.

Discounts are available for school groups on request.

Tickets are also available at the door, credit and debit cards only, no cash.

Click here for more information about the new IMAX Theater.

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