Alcohol could legally be delivered right to your door in LA

Alcohol could legally be delivered right to your door in LA
The bill states the delivery service can be refused if the buyer is believed to be overly intoxicated.

A Louisiana bill will soon get it's third and final reading before the Senate that would allow restaurants, bars, or liquor stores to bring your favorite alcoholic beverage right to your home.

The bill recently passed committee and was amended, substituted, and given a new name under Senate Bill 489. The bill would authorize retail dealers of alcohol to provide a delivery service to its customers within the state.

The driver is required to be 18 years or older and carry a servers permit at all times.

La Senator Greg Tarver of Shreveport says he is skeptical of the bill but thinks it can pass if all the bases are covered.

"The other problem we basically have is we can't have any and everybody delivering because we can't police it. I mean that we don't know if they have licenses. We want everyone to have licenses, and whoever has the license, they've got to be responsible for that," Tarver said.

A third party delivery service or mobile application will also be allowed to come on board and deliver alcohol on behalf of the business.

"We've got to keep up with the new methods, technology is changing every day, the delivery service is changing every day," Tarver said. "You can call your store and get food delivered to your home. This is something that is happening in 2018 and in 2019 and 2020 it's going to be more than that so we've got to be prepared."

You can find more on this bill by clicking here.

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