Photograph of DeSoto DA in 'Unbuckled' T-shirt draws ire

This photograph of District Attorney Gary Evans flanked by DeSoto's 911 administrator and...
This photograph of District Attorney Gary Evans flanked by DeSoto's 911 administrator and Mansfield's police chief is stirring comments on Facebook. (Source: Facebook)
Updated: Mar. 18, 2018 at 9:46 PM CDT
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DESOTO PARISH, LA (KSLA) - Some Facebook users are beside themselves over a photograph of DeSoto Parish's district attorney.

It shows Gary Evans wearing a T-shirt bearing only the word "Unbuckled."

He is flanked by two former DeSoto Parish sheriff candidates.

The Facebook users are interpreting the photo as an obvious sign of disrespect for Rodney Arbuckle, who announced Thursday that he would be retiring the next day.

Evans, when contacted Sunday, dismissed the comments about the photo as propaganda generated by Arbuckle's supporters in an attempt to make something out of nothing.

"It ain't no big deal."

The district attorney said the photograph was taken Thursday or Friday.

"Somebody gave me that T-shirt. What does it mean? I don't know."

Evans would not say who gave him the T-shirt nor who took the photograph.

It also is not immediately known how the photograph came to be on Facebook.

Hallie Deutsch posted it Saturday night with the comment "DISRESPECT is an UNDERSTATEMENT."

Attempts to learn how she came about getting the photograph have not yet been successful.

But her post has since been shared by about 150 people, including Arbuckle.

The retired sheriff said Sunday that the photograph speaks for itself.

"It is just showing ya'll what I have been dealing with the past several years," Arbuckle said. "Some of this is one reason I decided to retire."

In the photograph with Evans are DeSoto 911 administrator Bruce Vanderhoeven and Mansfield Police Chief Gary Hobbs.

Slightly more than two years ago, Arbuckle made history by being elected DeSoto sheriff for the fifth consecutive time.

He got 78 percent of the vote. His only opponent in the election Oct. 24, 2015, was Hobbs.

Vanderhoeven, a former state trooper, placed second in an earlier four-way race for sheriff.

Arbuckle got 74 percent of the votes cast Oct. 20, 2007.

Vanderhoeven, one of three challengers in that election, finished second with 20 percent of the vote.

To offset the "Unbuckled" T-shirt, Facebook commenter Donisa Pierce Tingle suggested #BackTheBuckle!

Charlotte Byrd Newcomb responded that perhaps everyone who plans to attend Arbuckle's retirement party Monday evening should wear a shirt bearing that hashtag.

And some comments on the photograph encourage people to remember it come election time.

A special election will have to be held to fill the remainder Arbuckle's term. The soonest that could happen is November.

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