Federal Judge orders Miller County man on death row to be resentenced

Man guilty of murder could be resentenced

MILLER CO, AR (KSLA) - Twenty-five years after a Miller County man has been sentenced to death for murder, a  federal judge now says he should be re-sentenced.

Back in 1994, a jury convicted Andrew Sasser of capital murder for the 1993 death of Jo Ann Kennedy.

Kennedy was killed while working a night shift at a Garland City convenience store.

According to an opinion released by a federal judge, Sasser's mental and intellectual limitations were not properly addressed during his trial.

"They are using 2018 standards to judge a case that arose back in the 1990's over 20 years ago, and that is just not fair and not right," said Miller County Deputy Prosecutor  Charles Black,"

When asked, Black said it wasn't fair to the victims family and the criminal justice system. Black says the judge's opinion also brings back negative memories for him personally.

"The method in which the victim in the Sasser's case was killed was very similar to the method used by the person who murdered my mother some years ago back in 1986" Black said.

Black says his mother's killer was executed one week after Sasser was sentenced in 1994.

He hopes the Attorney General's Office will overrule the judge's opinion.

"He will die in the penitentiary one way or the other either through execution or old age," Black said.

KSLA News 12 reached out to Sasser's family in Lafayette County, Arkansas, they declined to comment at this time.

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