10 Belgian firefighters shadow their counterparts in Shreveport

Updated: Mar. 5, 2018 at 11:16 PM CST
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Shreveport Fire Department is welcoming some special guests this week.

Ten firefighters from Belgium are visiting the Port City.

The group's members are shadowing Shreveport firefighters and learning techniques to take home to their country and, of course, share a few tips of their own with Shreveport.

They say it's also a great opportunity for international camaraderie and brotherhood.

"We are welcome here and you feel it. You come home to firefighting family, and that's what I'm always looking forward to, learning new techniques but learning new friends and having new firefighting family," said Peter Frederickx, of the Belgium Fire Observers Organization.

The organization also brought firefighters over to Shreveport in 2011.

They started something similar to Shreveport's rapid intervention team when they went home.

The group also will visit other U.S. cities on this trip.

Mayor Ollie Tyler, Fire Chief Chief Wolverton and other city leaders were on hand to welcome the group Monday.

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