Moderate flooding continues

Moderate flooding continues
Red River is expected to crest near 31.5 feet at Shreveport after midnight March 4 and near 37.8 feet at Grand Ecore in Natchitohces Parish by early the morning of March 7.

(KSLA) - Moderate flooding is expected at Shreveport as Red River continues to rise.

The river is expected to crest near 31.5 feet after midnight Sunday and remain there through Monday then start a slow fall, according to the National Weather Service office in Shreveport.

At 31, the Weather Service says, expect floodwaters to flow over Russell between Shreveport-Blanchard Highway and Interstate 220 in north Shreveport. That would result in that section of roadway being closed to traffic.

Floodwaters also are expected to back up into Cross and Twelve Mile bayous as well as the lower part of McCain Creek.

And high water from Red River will creep up to near the southern end of Clyde Fant Memorial Parkway in Shreveport and Arthur Ray Teague Parkway in Bossier City.

Moderate flooding also is expected to continue in the area of Grand Ecore in Natchitoches Parish.

Red River there is expected to crest near 37.8 feet by early Wednesday morning then begin falling.

At 38 feet deep, the river would inundate several hundred acres of floodplain near the levees.

The river also is expected to back up Bayou Pierre between Powhattan and Evelyn and through Iatt, Nantaches, Black, Clear and Saline bayous, the Weather Service reports.

  • Authorities remind motorists to avoid driving over flooded roadways and through flooded waterways.
  • Do not try to wade or swim in flooded rivers and bayous.
  • And use caution when walking near the banks of flooded waterways.

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