Red River Army Depot announces layoffs

Red River Depot to lay off hundreds

TEXARKANA, TX (KSLA) - Red River Army Depot in the Hooks-Texarkana area announced the Depot will lay off 600 employees in the near future.

This comes on the heels of another Texarkana business announcement to lay off nearly 300 employees. Texarkana leaders say they believe these layoffs will have a minimum effect on the area's economy.

Red River Army Depot is the largest employer in the Texarkana Area with approximately 4700 workers.

The Depot officials say the current and projected workload has decreased by approximately 1.3 million direct labor hours as compared to last fiscal year.

"For those individuals who will be affected, this is not a negative reflection of your performance or your dedicated service to this installation," said Red River Army Depot Commander Col Jason Carrico.

Joe Lewis restaurant is located in front of the main entrance of Red River Army Depot. It is not unusual for Depot employees to take a lunch break at this location.

Lewis learned this morning 600 depot workers will soon be laid off.

"It won't impact me to where I would have to close," Lewis said. "Even if the depot shuts down I don't believe it will, but it is going to hurt a little bit. It is going to hurt everybody around here because we are a small town small community."

Michael Malone is executive director of the Texarkana Regional Chamber of Commerce.

"The big thing in economic development is the workforce you have and we have a good quality workforce here especially in these two businesses," Malone said.

Malone said the layoffs at Red River Army Depot and Harke Hanks Call Center are a negative but they hope it will turn into a positive for the area.

"By doing this we are going to work with possible other business coming in to employ these individuals or expand them opportunities to find jobs here in our community," Malone said.

Texarkana Texas Mayor Bog Bruggerman said that this is just a small dip for the city.

"We are hoping to pull out of it very soon and move forward with progress in the future," Mayor Bruggerman said.

Depot leaders say this decision to layoff the 600 employees could be changed if there is a workload adjustment.

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