ALERT DAY: Saturday for a chance of severe weather

ALERT DAY: Saturday for a chance of severe weather

(KSLA) - We're still tracking the potential threat of severe weather tomorrow and keeping a close on the impact of flooding throughout the ArkLaTex.


With more rain on the way, the National Weather Service has extended the Flash Flood Watch until 6 p.m. Saturday. We may not be seeing the moderate to heavy rainfall as we saw Wednesday and some last night, but light scattered showers are possible today.

With some roadways and low lying areas still holding water, the flash flood threat increases with more rain expected the next few days. Make sure to give yourself extra time to reach your destination. If you see a flooded road, turn around and do not drive through it.

The heaviest rain looks to be in the I-30 corridor, where they already saw the some of the highest totals yesterday. Scattered showers are possible throughout the day, but expect them to be light.


An Alert Day has been declared for Saturday with the threat of severe storms moving throughout the ArkLaTex. The Storm Prediction Center out of Norman, Oklahoma has issued an enhanced risk for the northern parts of the ArkLaTex. A slight risk is in effect for the Shreveport-Bossier area for tomorrow.

A front will be stalling just north of us keeping warm gulf moisture in the area and increasing the threat for severe storms. This is what it could look like going into the morning hours of Sunday. Most of the rain is staying to the north of Shreveport in the morning hours.


Most of the heavy rain throughout the day will be falling near the I-30 corridor. The line will start to track towards the Shreveport-Bossier area in the later afternoon hours.

By 10 tomorrow night, the storms will still be sticking around Shreveport, but moving southwest. Right behind this line of storms, much cooler air. This will leave temperatures in the lower 60s for your Sunday.

Winds are a huge factor going into this storms. They could get up to around 20-30mph gusting up to 35-40mph. This could impact your travel along with the heavy rain, so make sure to be careful and give yourself extra time if you have to travel.

By the time all of this rain moves through, areas could pick up another 1-2 inches, with some isolated areas getting more than that. These are totals on top of what we already saw this past week.

The main threat with this storm is damaging winds. With that, we can't rule out any spin ups or an isolated tornado. The threat was hail looks low, but not completely zero. We could see some moderate to heavy downpours as well and that could cause more of a flash flooding threat.


After heavy rain moved through the ArkLaTex, many areas saw multiple inches of rain. Shreveport, Texarkana, El Dorado, AR; and Longview, TX all broke daily rainfall records for Wednesday. Other places saw anywhere from 1-4 inches with isolated locations seeing up to 6 inches. As of yesterday, places in the ArkLaTex have received another 0.5-2 inches of rainfall.


We have been keeping an eye on the levels of the rivers, lakes, and streams throughout the ArkLaTex. Right now, most do not have flooding in their area, however, there are a select few rivers, creeks, and bayous that do have minor flooding. This is a map of all the rivers, lakes, creeks, and bayous across the ArkLaTex. We will be keeping an eye on all of these as we expect more rain in the forecast.

(Source: National Weather Service)

Three locations are seeing moderate flooding. The Sulphur River is seeing levels around 26.04 feet with the flood stage being at 20ft. Lake Fork Creek is currently at 18.88 feet with the flood stage being at 16 feet. The Little River has moderate flooding as well and was last observed at 32.5 with the flood stage being 30 feet. With more rain to come, we could see this levels increase.

The Red River will be in the minor flood stage Sunday night and into Monday. Right now, the river is around 22.5 feet and the flood stage is at 30 feet. WE are expecting it to rise above the flood stage some time Monday. This why there is a Flood Warning for the Red River starting on Sunday until further notice.

Make sure to check back for more updates.


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