Couple continues lost art of sending letters

Couple continues lost art of sending letters

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - A couple's love for greeting cards and sending notes is nearly as strong as their love for each other.

Ray and Barbara Fowler moved into an apartment at The Glen retirement system two years ago. They'd spent more than 60 years at the same home in California but needed to be closer to their daughter in Shreveport.

The pair has been married for nearly 66 years and has always had a love for sending cards and letters to family.

"We've spent a lot of money on greeting cards over the years and it's been one of the best investments that we've made," said Ray.

The Fowler's visit the small gift shop inside The Glen nearly every day and purchase several cards to send at different times throughout the year.

Barbara says she has dozens of greeting cards that she's bought to send out and even more that she's received over the years and she's admitted to keeping them all.

"That is a problem I have," said Barbara.

The Fowler's have a letter that dates all the way back to 1885 that was sent to Barbara's grandfather from a friend on his 11th birthday.

Their home is lined with greeting cards that were sent to the couple on Valentine's Day.

"I love to get them because it reestablishes or keeps alive a connection that otherwise you don't have," said Barbara.

The duo has a system. Ray says he does his part.

"I take out the address book and I address the envelope. Barbara writes the important stuff inside and I write the stuff for the post office and I put the stamp on. That's the way we share the task," said Ray.

Barbara said she used to write lengthy letters inside each card but these days it's become too hard to write so she typically just signs "loves of love" and their names.

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