Editorial: Hot Topics for Our Area

Editorial: Hot Topics for Our Area

ARKLATEX (KSLA) - There is no shortage today of people telling all of us what is important. Whether it be national, statewide or local - opinions range widely on what we should think about an issue.

Behind each of these issues are real concerns. But all the shouting makes deciphering what is important to our quality of life right here at home a bit more difficult.

Take the recent talk of Louisiana's looming fiscal cliff and how our governor has expressed that cuts to healthcare and higher education may be necessary to fix the state's financial problems.

Locally, education and healthcare are areas where we struggle as a community.

Data released in 2017 from a study conducted by the Community Foundation of North Louisiana, places us near the bottom of the pack in healthcare among our peers - which includes cities like Jackson, Huntsville and Montgomery.

On the education front, we are second in the highest percentage of the population with less than a post-secondary degree. And we have dropped to second to last in 11 cities for the percentage of 3 to 4-year-olds enrolled in school.

We should all be very interested in where our state leaders decide where to cut and where to spend especially in these areas.

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