Couple find silver lining after pine tree clobbers their house

Fallen tree down power lines, damages home
Published: Feb. 7, 2018 at 10:23 AM CST|Updated: Feb. 7, 2018 at 11:39 PM CST
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(Source: Cody Jennings/ KSLA News 12)
(Source: Cody Jennings/ KSLA News 12)

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - A Shreveport family is counting their blessings after a massive tree fell onto their home ... narrowly missing their bedroom.

"It was like huge, big flashes of light and what sounded like an explosion with the power going out," homeowner Alan Dyson said, recalling what happened about 4:20 a.m. Wednesday in the 700 block of Robinson Place.

He and his wife, Debbie Hollis, say they were fast asleep when the decades-old pine tree came crashing down.

"Between the two windows is where our bed is now. There's a wall that goes this way that separates our bedroom from the kitchen," Dyson explained.

"So the whole kitchen and all the way to the front of the house is clobbered."

Oddly enough, the couple had discussed the possibility of this happening someday but never imagined it would actually happen.

"We've literally been joking about the tree falling on us because, I mean, it's huge," Hollis said. "It's a typical Highland pine tree.

"And last night when it fell, it barely missed our bedroom."

Now they are left cleaning up and repairing. But thanks to their Highland neighbors, they are not alone.

"I saw it on social media and just came over to see what I could do," said one neighbor who came by to help. "I know they need a lot of help. And we've just got to start wheeling away at it and take it from there."

The homeowners say many people offered assistance.

"This is a horrible thing that happened, but it reminds you of how good the people in Shreveport are," Hollis observed.

And Dyson says he is looking forward to the Highland Parade this weekend.

"We live right down the street. So maybe we'll do a thing where we can ask people to come down our street and take a branch and put it on the curb for us. ... I don't know."

No one was hurt when the tree fell.

The house is heavily damaged; and the tree took down a power line, knocking out electricity to one to three homes, according to crews on the scene.

"I'm just looking forward to having a roof over our head, literally, and moving on with life," Hollis said.

"So there is a silver lining? Absolutely, there's always a silver lining."

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