Residents concerned after busted pipe turns into stream in front of homes

Busted pipe turns into stream down street in Shreveport
(Source: KSLA)
(Source: KSLA)

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Pipes affected during the winter freeze are now starting to bust. And according to residents, they're causing a leaky mess all over the city.

"Look at that, its unbelievable isn't it."

Rebecca Davis lives along Ruth Avenue in Shreveport. She says a busted pipe caused water to pour onto her property creating a brook at the foot of her home.

"It was all in my front yard… All the way over to those trees over there. It was bad"

She says she's been trying to get something done but had no luck.

"I called six times to the water department, twice to my councilman and look at it, it still just going 90 to nothing," said Davis.

Weeks later, the spill spread all the way down her street. It created a stream in front of every house located on her side of the block.

"You can see the water bubbling. You see it going down its just standing in my yard, it's standing in my next door neighbors yard. I'm concerned about the mosquitoes, I'm concerned about the grass dying. My driveway has a crack I'm concerned about that too."

Becky Singletary says Davis' calls did not go unanswered. She says the city has been by to look at the break several times.

"They come out and look and its sort of like they just sit there and scratch their heads and say 'yes you're right we'll get it fixed.'"

KSLA News 12 reached out to the city's water and sewage department. They sent out a statement saying,

The water leaking on the 8800 block of Ruth Avenue is a small leak on a service line and not the water main itself.  The leak is on the City side of the water meter and is not effecting the water bill for this address.  Staff have been out multiple times to check it and make sure it is not progressing into a larger leak and impacting the customer's water supply.  In addition, there has been construction work by a contractor at this address and staff was investigating.  It appears that a contractor was responsible and we are coordinating repairs.  With the arctic weather incident earlier this month, our staff has been working diligently to repair water main breaks and  handle customer's requests for water cut off's due to frozen/broken house lines.  First and foremost, we prioritize our work to ensure that customers have water.  Any break that is large enough to jeopardize water service to multiple customers is addressed as an emergency.  From there we take into consideration the volume of the leak and the impacts to neighboring properties.

But residents here say their needs are simple so they should be fixed sooner than later.

"What do you want them to come out and do? Do you think they need to stop it? That would be a good idea wouldn't it," Davis said.

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