Mechanic discusses cold weather impacts on your car

Mechanic discusses cold weather impacts on your car

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - Roads are reopened, the ice is scraped off your car and you are ready to head back to work or school tomorrow. But, you may not realize the effect these cold temperatures are having on your car.

Antifreeze levels are one thing you or your mechanic should check.

"Here lately, we've been seeing where they don't have enough antifreeze in them. The cooling systems are rusting up and they aren't even aware of it until their heater stops working," said Southern Automotive mechanic Dax Ulrich.

Dropping temperatures also make your tires leak faster than normal. Driving without the right tire pressure is dangerous.

"Makes it harder for the vehicle to control, makes the tires wear funny, makes them slide worse," explained Ulrich.

Extreme cold can also cause your battery to die, so get your battery life tested by a mechanic unless you don't want your car to start one morning.

These are just three big things your mechanic should check. But, you should also take extra efforts with your car.

Let your car warm up between one to five minutes when it's cold to get fluids and oil circulating to the engine and keep at least a half a tank of gas to prevent freezing.

Once temperatures do warm up, it's a good idea to wash sand and especially salt off your car to avoid corrosion.

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