Krewe of Harambee parade to roll on heels of Krewe of Sobek

Krewe of Sobek parade held on Saturday
Krewe of Sobek rolls in Queensborough
Krewe of Sobek rolls in Queensborough

Shreveport's next Mardi Gras procession, the Krewe of Harambee's Martin Luther King Jr. Day parade, rolls Monday downtown.

On Saturday afternoon, the Krewe of Sobek rolled through the city's Queensborough neighborhood.

It was the first parade to roll in Shreveport this Mardi Gras season.

This year's theme: sports mania.

"We take pride in that, we want to make sure we kick off Mardi Gras season with a good, strong parade and a bal. And, hopefully, everyone else will follow behind us and do the same," said Lyndon Johnson, Krewe of Sobek king.

People took to the streets to collect the throws.

"We get to have lots of candy and have fun," said Germya Pierce, a parade reveler.

The Krewe of Sobek was founded in 2003.

Its parades have been rolling in Shreveport since 2005.

It's the only krewe to roll in Queensborough.

"Queensborough is one of our inner-city neighborhoods, and we want to make sure that they see what Mardi Gras is all about. We want them to see the costumes, the floats, hear the music, the bands that come through, and the other organizations that ride through Queensborough," said Johnson.

"For black communities to get together and to be able to bring together the kind of culture that we have in this general area. It's just nice to see something like this. It's also nice that they keep it in this type of neighborhood. I love it," said Denise Cady, a spectator who lives in Queensborough.

The Queensborough neighborhood has seen a lot of violence this past year, and residents say to see a krewe roll through their neighborhood means a lot.

"It just is really nice a break from all the violence, and everything. This is just nice to have," said Cady.

The Krewe of Sobek is committed to giving back to the community.

"Party with a purpose," said Johnson.

Organizers say the Krewe of Sobek grows every year. This is the first year Sobek had 3 floats of its own in the parade.

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