SWAR authorities show film on opioid addiction

SWAR authorities show film on opioid addiction

TEXARKANA, AR (KSLA) - A Southwest Arkansas health organization has teamed up with the Arkansas Crime Lab and the Texarkana Arkansas Police department to fight the state's opioid crisis.

The Bowie Miller Hometown Health Coalition and TAPD is working to educate the public about the increasing national opioid problem. Arkansas is second in the nation only behind Alabama in opioids prescriptions.

The FBI film "Chasing The Dragon" was viewed Monday at the Bi-State Justice Center in Texarkana.

"Our biggest hope is to let our community know this is a community epidemic that we are experiences and it is not something that is just happening in Little Rock or Dallas," said Deanna O'Malley, Miller Bowie Health Coalition. "It is happening in our backyards."

The film gives an unedited look at an opioid overdose.

"It really consumes you all you can think about is what she is doing and where she is at," said one Texarkana father who did not want to be identified.

His daughter has been an opioid drug addict for the last ten years.

"You don't know unless you have been through it," he said. "It has cost me two marriages it affects everybody, not just the person that is doing it."

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