Liquor store operator notices change since Sunday sales became legal in Shreveport

Updated: Jan. 7, 2018 at 10:51 PM CST
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SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - The operator of a Shreveport liquor store says it has seen an increase in business since Sunday liquor sales became legal in mid-October.

Now the Parish Commission has extended the same allowance to Caddo liquor stores and bars outside Shreveport.

Jump Off Liquor opened in the 3700 block of Greenwood Road in October just before Sunday liquor sales became legal in Shreveport.

It was not long after that the city relaxed its liquor laws.

Even so, Richard Coutee says he noticed the difference.

"I think it has picked up business a lot as far as some people who say, 'Hey, I can get what I want to get now on Sunday."

One of those customers is Keisha Kellum.

"For people like me who love to drink, I really think that it's awesome instead of rushing to get my liquor the day before," she said Sunday.

Before the change, Kellum said, she often found herself wanting to buy liquor on a Sunday but couldn't.

"And the only thing I could buy is beer, and not everybody drinks beer."

Coutee believes this was a great move for businesses that sell liquor and that the city and parish have come a long way.

"I think everybody kind of wanted. I can remember way back when we first started selling beer in Shreveport. We used to have to go to Bossier."

Coutee says people still are getting accustomed to Sunday liquor sales in Shreveport.

"I think people kind of heard about it and didn't know if it was approved or not. So they came through and was like, 'Is it true? is it true?' And so we was like 'Yes, Sunday liquor sales have been approved for Sunday'."

Caddo Commissioner Lyndon B. Johnson has said that expanding liquor sales to Sunday in the parish will put businesses outside Shreveport on more equal footing with those in the city.

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