Grinch steals Christmas from Shreveport mother of 5

Updated: Dec. 23, 2017 at 11:10 AM CST
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(Source: KSLA)
(Source: KSLA)

SHREVEPORT, LA (KSLA) - A Shreveport mother of five, who wishes not to disclose her identity, says a grinch robbed her of all her children's presents, candy, ornaments, and more.

The woman, who is being referred to as Ms. Rose for disguise, says she came home Monday, December 18, to find all of her children's neatly wrapped Christmas presents were gone.

"Five bikes, all their pant, and clothes, toys, all that's gone. It's gone," said Ms. Rose.

In addition, Rose says the thieves broke ornaments and even busted up her Christmas tree.

"The tree is just barely hanging up there. it's barely there," she added.

Ms. Rose says she will be turning 63 on Christmas, but after the recent theft can't seem to find the joy in either her birthday or the special holiday.

"It ain't matter to me, what are they going to wake up happy for Monday? Nothing."

She says the stress of not having anything for the children ages five to 12 is taking a toll on her.

"My heart hurts so bad now, it's just like a needle shoving through," she said.

Ms. Rose says when she called Shreveport Police to see what they could do about the robbery, their message was less than merry.

"They told me there was nothing they could do because I am never going to get it back."

But in the true spirit of Christmas, Ms. Rose says she is not giving up hope. She is holding out for the only present she says matters.

"I asked the good Lord to bless my children. If nothing for me, bless them."

Ms. Rose says the bikes she bought for each of her children were tough to lose because they would have been her children's first bikes.

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