KSLA Salutes: BAFB Public Affairs

Updated: Dec. 15, 2017 at 3:27 PM CST
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Barksdale AFB/Source: KSLA News 12
Barksdale AFB/Source: KSLA News 12

BARKSDALE AIR FORCE BASE, LA (KSLA) - From documenting history to serving as a liaison with civilian organizations — the Air Force Public Affairs office is responsible for sharing the mission of the Air Force.

"We're always writing stories, taking video, shooting photos, putting things on social media to keep the families, airmen, retirees, civilians all informed about what's going on around the base," explained 2 Bomb Wing Chief, Public Affairs, Capt. Andrew Caulk.

In addition to the media aspect, the public affairs shop on Barksdale Air Force base also works to maintain and build relationships with the surrounding community and keep airmen on the base informed on Air Force news and how it may or may not affect them.

"The mission is always evolving and changing so it's never boring that's for certain," said Capt. Caulk.

"I just have a passion for photography and capturing moments," said SrA Mozer Da Cunha, who has turned his passion into a job. "I've been doing photography professionally for about 15 years now. I did it in the private sector a lot, and when I decided to come in I figured that was going to be the best bet to put what I know to use."

Da Cunha's work has been featured around the globe.

"I take great pride in that you know, I get to see my work go places," Da Cunha said. "People don't think writing and imagery impacts the mission but I believe it does."

He's engraving his mark in history, just as those who have gone before him.

"That footage that everybody sees about the bombs being dropped from World War II — in theory — if one of us wasn't there that footage would not exist," Da Cunha said. "People hear about things but they tend to remember the ones that they see footage from. So I think that maybe 20, 30, 40 years from now they might be looking at the footage that we are taking today and referring that as an important historical moment."

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